Life is an adventure of decisions and we all must make one. You either *DECIDE TO* or *DECIDE NOT TO*

Deciding the location of your business therefore is one of those decison. This is because it is a major determinant of the success of any business venture. No wonder some companies formerly located in Marina moved their head offices to Victoria Island or Lekki. This is because the location of your business is strongly connected to the success. So when finding a location for your business you are required to do quality research.

That is why at *STALLION HOMES*, we have done our due diligence and research on properties in Lagos and buying a LANDED PROPERTY at IBEJU LEKKI for your business, is one of the greatest decision any forward thinking investor or individual should make.

A friend of mine said, everyone is selling ibejulekki land and my response was if everyone is selling ibejulekki land, then there must be a *GOLDMINE* in having a landed property in IBEJULEKKI.


*What do you mean should be your response?*

Buying a landed property at Ibejulekki for commercial purpose is a GOLDMINE because of the following

👉it houses the largest single-train refinery in the world situated on a *2,500 hectares* of land called Dangote Refinery. The refinery is set to begin full operations in 2020 as reports have stated therefore also making it *Lagos’s first functional refinery*.

👉 The economic impact of this project cannot be overlooked as it is also situated close to the LEKKI FREE TRADE ZONE, DEEP SEA PORT AND POWER OIL COMPANY. This creates an unusual opportunities for any form of business such as banks, superstores, Insurance companies, IT companies, warehouses etc.

👉 This also creates an opportunity for *oil marketing companies* to enjoy easy purchase and distribution of petrochemical products, thereby turning Ibejulekki in the next 2 years to a major business Hub just like the *Eko Atlantic City*

This is why taking a bold step to purchase a land in IBEJULEKKI is not a wise decision but a smart decision for your business.

Interestingly, do you know, Aliko Dangote’s close friend, *Femi Otedola* the CHAIRMAN of Forte Oil Group just in 2018 sold his stake in the upstream arm of his company so as to focus on the downstream sector of the company. It’s clear he is planning his business and strategically positioning himself as a *major supplier of Dangote refinery* That’s a smart investor

Imagine two major FINANCIAL POWER HOUSES having their companies in IBEJULEKKI, it would not be too long then before the *THIRD (GLOBACOM)* joins them.

If I were you, i will start planning how to position the location of my business along IBEJU LEKKI which is first by owning a landed property for commercial purpose.

*Kingsbridge Court IBEJU LEKKI* offers you the opportunity to make that decision. Situated in Ibeju-Agbe Town Community, 7 minutes drive from New proposed International & Cargo Airport, electricity already available in the area. All this creates a perfect visibility for your business.

*Own a commercial plot in Kingsbridge Court IBEJU LEKKI, notch it up with a corner piece and you have set the pace for success in your business in the next 2 years. Make a move now while it’s still available.*

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